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Doctor Jose Espinosa Rojas is a Health Administration Specialist, expert in the design, implementation and evaluation of Public Health Programs. He has more than 10 years of experience working in the field of Palliative Care, and recently he joined the Program for Prevention and Control of Cancer at ICO. He is providing assistance and consultancy to Health Institutions, Public Administration, Governments and other agencies of the health field. Doctor Jose Espinosa Rojas has experience in the health research field and the evaluation of results of Health Programs, as well as the elaboration of teaching programs and support documents for the implementation of Public Programs.

2014 – Master’s Degree in Palliative Care, University of Vic, Spain
2001 – Master’s Degree in Palliative Care, University of Barcelona (UB), Spain
2000 – Specialist in Health Administration, Pontifical Javeriana University, Cali, Colombia
1988 – Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree awarded by the University of Valle, Cali, Colombia

2016 – current: Medical Assistant at the Program of Prevention and Cancer Control, Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO)
2009 – 2016: Medical Coordinator at “QUALY” Observatory / WHO Collaborating Centre for Palliative Care Public Programs, Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO)
2006 – 2008: Research Coordinator, Palliative Care Service at Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO)

FIS grant (ISCIII) 2010 PI10 / 01512.
“Adaptation and validation of a screening instrument for the individual and population identification of patients with advanced chronic diseases with limited life expectancy”

FIS grant (ISCIII) Health Technology Assessment 2007. PI07 / 90624
“Clinical and organizational results of the hospital support teams of palliative care in Spain”
Coordinator of the study

LA MARATÓ TV3 Foundation Nº d’expedient: 072510 2007
“Chronic pain in adult oncology patients in Catalonia: Epidemiology, adequacy of analgesic treatment and treatment satisfaction”.
Coordinator of the study.

Ministerio de Salud de España. Fondos de Cohesión de la Comunidad Europea 2007
“Training needs of primary care professionals for palliative care in Catalonia”.
Coordinator of the study.


Enhancing Psychosocial and Spiritual Palliative Care: Four-year results of the Program of comprehensive care for People with Advanced Illnesses and their families in Spain. Gómez-Batiste X, Mateo-Ortega D, Lasmarías C, Novellas A, Espinosa J, Beas E, Ela S, Barbero J. Palliat Support Care 2017 Feb;15(1):98-109 doi: 10.1017/S1478951516000857

Planificación territorial y poblacional de la atención paliativa/cronicidad avanzada. En: Manual de atención integral de personas con enfermedades crónicas avanzadas. Espinosa J, Ledesma A, Gómez-Batiste X. Programas públicos. Aspectos generales. Elsevier: Barcelona; 2015. p. 207-216

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Palliative Care Programs: an innovative approach of Palliative Care Development. Ela S, Espinosa J, Martínez-Muñoz M, Lasmarías C, Beas E, Mateo D, Novellas A, Gómez-Batiste X. JPM, 2014; 17(4):385-92

Prevalence and characteristics of patients with advanced chronic conditions in need of palliative care in the general population: A cross-sectional study. Xavier Gómez-Batiste, Marisa Martínez-Muñoz, Carles Blay, Jordi Amblàs, Laura Vila, Xavier Costa, Joan Espaulella, Jose Espinosa, Carles Constante, and Geoffrey K Mitchell. Palliat Med 0269216313518266, January 8, 2014 doi:10.1177/0269216313518266

Model of evaluation of the structure, organisation and health-care provision of palliative care services in Catalonia Espinosa J, Ela S, Beas S, et al., 2010. EJPC 2013;20(4) 182 – 187