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Evaluation, research and dissemination area.

Núria Milà holds a degree in statistics from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (2002) and a Master’s Degree in Public Health specializing in Community Health from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2010). Since 2007 she has worked for the Cancer Screening Unit of the Catalan Institute of Oncology.

The main areas of work within the Colorectal Cancer Early Detection Program are:

  • Data management and design of mechanisms for monitoring and systematic evaluation of indicators and processes (organization, process and impact) as a guarantee of quality. Reporting for the planning and management of related health services.
  • Identify potential areas of improvement of the Program’s information system to facilitate the management, monitoring and exploitation of data.
  • Statistical analysis of the research projects led by the Unit (participation, adverse effects, effectiveness of the hidden blood test in feces, etc.)

She has been part of the CIBER Group on Epidemiology and Public Health (Group 55) since 2013 and the Colorectal Cancer Group of the Molecular Mechanisms and Experimental Therapy in Oncology Program (Oncobell) of IDIBELL since 2016.