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Screening program implementation area.

Olga Rial holds a Diploma in Nursing (2008) and a Master’s Degree in Oncology and Hematology (2012) from the University of Barcelona.

She has served in the Catalan Institute of Oncology for twelve years in the field of hospitalization, providing cures for cancer patients with complications, supporting the end of life. She has also worked at the ICO Day Hospital administering chemotherapy, immunotherapy and transfusion treatments.

She has collaborated in working groups, projects as a teacher and in cancer-related studies. She collaborates with Europa Colono in research as an interviewer for patients with colon cancer.

She is currently the managing nurse of the Technical Office of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program at the Catalan Institute of Oncology and is responsible for ensuring the traceability of the process from when the person performs the stool occult blood test until a diagnosis is obtained, to provide safe program recommendations. Coordinates and works as a team with Nursing eleven endoscopic units from different hospitals.

In addition, she is responsible for promoting participation in the screening program through sessions to ABS, civic centers, etc., as well as the prevention of colon cancer, health promotion and healthy habits.