CNSFH: Catalan Network of Smoke Free Hospitals

The aim of the Network is to assist health centers in the implementation of tobacco control measures that ensure a healthy environment for everyone. Health professionals from the participating health centers are offered training in smoking cessation programs and support to quit smoking.

The Network works so the hospitals account for the protection measures for everyone: patients, visitors, and employees. Therefore, the tobacco control measures that help to reduce smoking in health centers are recommended facilitating the idea of reduction or abandonment.

Since 1999, with support from the Public Health Agency of Catalonia, the CNSFH spreads the model of Smoke-Free Hospital based on the Code of measures of the ENSH-Global Network for Tobacco Free Health Care Services.

Every three years the Network evaluates Smoke-Free projects of the participating hospitals and gives a level of accreditation according to the activities carried out during this period.


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