Researchers from Tobacco Control Unit Team joined other tobacco control and public health scientists and advocates from across Europe and beyond in the 8th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH) which was held in Berlin, from 19 to 22 February 2020. Our team contributed one oral communication by Ariadna Feliu “Factors associated with receipt of the 5A’s Model of Brief Intervention for Smoking
Cessation among hospitalized patients” and six poster communication by Ariadna Feliu, Beladenta Amalia, Laura Antón, Marcela Fu, Olena Tigova and Sarah Nogueira at the conference. Esteve Fernández, the Director of Tobacco Control Unit, presented the results of TackSHS and EUREST-PLUS study in “Tobacco and New Nicotine products in Europe” plenary session.

The conference was kicked off by the launch of 2019 Tobacco Control Scale which quantified the most updated implementation of tobacco control policies in European countries and, in which, Esteve Fernandez and Ariadna Feliu were involved.  In the opening ceremony, an award was granted to Luk Joossens for his 40-years dedication in tobacco control advocacy. During the 4-days conference, many recent works on tobacco control field were presented, ranging from daily practice to high-level strategy to curb smoking.

The 8th ECToH was hosted by the German Cancer Society, the German Cancer Aid and German Smokefree Alliance and Europan Cancer League as the forum to enforce cooperation and strengthen the collective movement in combating the tobacco epidemic and achieve the goal of making Europe tobacco-free in the next 20 years.

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