We are very pleased that on 16th June 2021, one of our team members, Beladenta Amalia, has successfully presented her doctoral thesis entitled “Environmental and bystanders’ exposure to secondhand aerosols of electronic cigarettes in the European population” at Campus Bellvitge, Universitat de Barcelona. The Dissertation comprises five original papers in leading journals. The Dissertation comprehensively addresses the topic of passive exposure to the aerosols of electronic cigarettes with European data, from the current state of the legislation and the prevalence of such exposure to experimental findings using environmental and biological markers of the impact of the aerosols upon bystanders

Dr. Amalia, physician and master of public health, has developed her research for three years within the framework of the TackSHS project, an EU-funded project led by the Tobacco Control Unit. Dr. Amalia was funded by a grant from the INPHINIT “La Caixa”/Marie Curie Programme.

She received an excellent mark by the jury formed by Prof. Filippos Filippidis (Senior lecturer, Imperial College London), Dr. Cristina Martínez (Adjunct professor, Universitat de Barcelona and Senior Researcher at ICO-IDIBELL), and Dr. Armando Peruga (Adjunct professor, Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile; and Senior Researcher at IDIBELL).

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