Research groups, Early Cancer Detection

Funding Entity: AGAUR (2017 SGR 1283)
PI: Montse Garcia

Emerging research group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya:
Evaluation of early cancer detection strategies, PREV2C (2017 SGR 1283).
Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants, AGAUR.


Consolidated Cancer Prevention Group recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya:
Grants to support the scientific activity of research groups in Catalonia (SGR-Cat 2021).
Funding entity: AGAUR.

PI: V Moreno.
Collaborating researchers: M García, C Vidal, G Binefa, N Vives, N Travier. Ref. 2021 SGR 00962.
Principal Investigator: Montse García.
Group members: Carmen Vidal, Gemma Binefa, Noémie Travier, Elvira Torné.


Research related to cancer early detection programs is a fundamental element in the improvement of screening. Our group does research both on the organizational aspects and the delivery of health services as well as on the screening technology (or diagnostic tests) itself.

Screening programs and knowledge about the natural history of breast cancer and colorectal cancer are at different evolutionary stages. The breast cancer program is an established program with high acceptance by the target population, whereas the colorectal cancer program is a recent implementation and participation does not exceed 40%.

Given that the benefit of a screening program is related to the number of people who participate, it is necessary to know the barriers and facilitators of adherence to the colorectal cancer program. Another relevant aspect is to quantify the adverse effects of screening in order to help in the decision to participate or not in the program.

In the breast cancer program, evaluative research focuses on the variability of results of the screening units.