The Cancer Screening Unit (UCC) is engaged in the implementation, management, and evaluation of population-based screening programs. Our objective is to detect incipient tumors among the population in order to reduce cancer mortality.

In our Unit, there are professionals who dedicate most of their time to the management of colorectal cancer and breast cancer screening programs, and others who are mainly dedicated to evaluative research and the search for new screening strategies. Furthermore, although they do not functionally depend on our Unit, we have the collaboration of professionals from other institutions such as radiologists, radiology technicians, gastroenterologists, nurses, primary care professionals and pharmacists.

Regarding the Unit’s research lines, we highlight the study of the barriers and facilitators of adherence to screening programs, the quantification of adverse effects in order to offer balanced information on the benefits and risks of screening and the variability of results of the screening units in the territory.

Some milestones achieved by our Unit include counseling on screening in other countries and institutions, leadership in the development of software to support prevention programs and the application of new technologies to communication with the target population. Furthermore, an aspect of our work that satisfies us is having become a teaching unit for the accreditation of professionals who work in the screening programs.

As future challenges, we want to explore different screening strategies based on individual risk, and in the case of lung cancer, we consider a prevention approach based on the combination of primary and secondary prevention at different stages of life.

Our commitment is to reduce the impact of cancer by facilitating the early diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, we must ensure accessibility to testing, continuity and quality of the whole process.”

Gemma Binefa –  Director