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Evaluation, research and dissemination area.



Montse Garcia (PhD) is a Senior Researcher at the Cancer Screening Unit of the Catalan Institute of Oncology in Barcelona. She is the head of an emerging research group for early detection of cancer (2017 SGR 1283).

Dr. Garcia’s main areas of interest regarding cancer screening include:

  • Barriers and facilitators for cancer screening.
  • Evaluation of population-based cancer screening programs (quality indicators, identification of metrics to monitor professional performance, adverse effects, etc).
  • Design and implementation of interventions aimed to increase cancer awareness and screening participation.
  • Evaluation of new strategies for early cancer detection.

She has demonstrated her leadership skills in research, being the principal investigator of competitive-peer reviewed projects (PI05/0942; PI12/00992; PI16/00588; PI19/00226) as well as her training skills, having directed two doctoral theses and several final master projects.