This study analyzes adherence to the ICO Colorectal Cancer Screening Program in the 2000-2017 period using two indicators: 1) continued participation among individuals who have previously been screened (%) and adherence to screening among individuals who have been invited to the program (%). The first indicator allows us to know the prevalence of individuals who have already adhered to the program and is a proxy of the satisfaction with the program. The second indicator gives us information on the percentage of eligible population that can benefit most from screening, in short, it is an indicator of the effectiveness of the program, it depends on both initial and ongoing participation.

When comparing the immunological test (TSOHi) with the guaiac (TSOHg), the proportion of correctly identified individuals with screening in the eligible population is higher with the TSOHi.

Identifying the proportion of the population that is screened appropriately is important in anticipating the population benefits of screening before having mortality data available.

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