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Screening program implementation area / Evaluation, research and dissemination area.



Gemma Binefa is head of the ICO’s Cancer Screening Unit. She is a medical specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health since 2003 and PhD since 2017. She completed the Master’s Degree in Public Health at the Carlos III Institute of Health in Madrid where she learned the foundations of epidemiology.

Since 2006 she is the Coordinator of the Colorectal Cancer Screening program where she carries out different tasks, being the ones of most personal interest:

  • Design, planning and implementation of community programs
  • Evaluation of key quality indicators
  • Analysis of socio-economic inequalities
  • Health education and knowledge dissemination

She is a member of the Advisory Commission on Colorectal Cancer Screening of the Director Plan of Oncology of Catalonia and the Screening group of the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.

She has been the principal investigator of different projects, highlighting that of the adequacy and compliance of the recommendations of follow-up colonoscopies (FIS PI11/01593) and the one related to the creation of information dissemination capsules on the prevention of colorectal cancer.

During her career at the ICO, the Colorectal Cancer Screening Program has received two important awards: Avedis Donabedian Award for Excellence in Quality in Public Health (2011) and Hinnovar Award (2014).