Earlier this summer, ICO technical screening office met with the professionals from various endoscopic units of colorectal cancer screening program and the evaluation data of each endoscopic unic was presented. The indicators of the diagnostic confirmation process were discussed and it was observed that they vary substantially. The short-term impact indicators were also discussed (detection rates of high-risk adenomas and colorectal cancer).

Dr. Carmen Vidal at a time of the meeting

The creation of an advisory group has been proposed to identify the minimum and necessary information points to calculate quality indicators of the diagnostic confirmation process and to detect what essential modifications should be made to the screening information system/database.  Also, with the creation of the group it is intended to protocolize clinical aspects of screening colonoscopy in a consensual way with all the units participating in the screening program. As the last strategies of this future advisory group, it would be to establish indicators that allow areas of improvement to be detected and encourage continuous training in screening.

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