Exposure of the spanish population to the alcoholic imagery on TV (ImaginOH-tv Study)


Impact of Law 13/2022 limiting the advertising of alcoholic beverages on TV.

This is an observational study on population exposure using content analysis techniques. This study measures:

  • The exposure to audiovisual alcoholic imagery (type of exposure) received by the audience and observed through content analysis of advertisements and programs broadcasted on television (source of exposure) via over-the-air, cable, or satellite transmission and viewed on a television set (exposure pathway), in a sample of national and regional television programs in the autonomous communities of Spain with their own language.
  • Whether the enforcement of Law 13/2022 leads to a decrease in the advertising of alcoholic beverages and if there is a migration of commercial audiovisual communication towards seemingly non-commercial modes of communication, particularly during prime-time television programs.






2 years ()


Endowed with 90.761€


Research team

Armando Peruga (IP) (ICO-IDIBELL)

Esteve Fernández (ICO-IDIBELL)

Cristina Martínez (ICO-IDIBELL)

Xisca Sureda

Albert Espelt

Laura Antón (ICO-IDIBELL)