The main objectives of the Unit of Tobacco Control (Unitat de Control del Tabaquisme in Catalan, UCT) are to improve the current knowledge and evidence in the areas of determinants and approaches to prevent and control consumption of tobacco as well as population exposure to tobacco smoke and e-cigarettes emissions. To achieve these objectives, the UCT develops on the one hand, research and evaluation, which includes projects such as the impact of passive exposure to snuff for the population, the impact of tobacco smoke exposure in hospitality workers or using markers measuring tobacco smoke and aerosols of e-cigarettes in the environment or biomarkers in people. On the other hand, we are responsible for intervention initiatives such as Catalan Smoke-Free Hospital Network as well as health promotion services as tobacco control consulting that offers support to quit smoking for the employers and patients from ICO-IDIBELL group.

Short history of the TCU

E. Fernández
Being a young and enthusiastic unit, UCT Team comprises a multidisciplinary group of professionals trained in medicine, psychology, epidemiology, nursing, anthropology, statistics and other fields of health science.
E. Fernández- Director