WHO-EURO-ENThe Tobacco Control Unit – Catalan Institute of Oncology (TCU-CIO) was designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Control on March 19th, 2015. This designation recognizes TCU-CIO as an international reference centre in the field of tobacco control. The visibility and international recognition of the TCU derives from the research performed by the Unit in Catalonia, Spain, and Europe and its participation and coordination of international networks. The TCU has collaborated as consultant body and performed specific tasks for the Regional Office of the WHO for Europe (WHO, Copenhagen), Tobacco Free Initiative (WHO, Geneva), and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, Lyon).

Objectives of the Collaborating Centre 

  1. To provide technical support to WHO and countries of the European, African and American regions to perform monitoring, evaluation and research in tobacco control.
  2. To develop networks and build capacity in the countries of the European, African, and American regions.
  3. To improve and support the training of health professionals in the countries of the European, African, and American regions.
  4. To facilitate and support the dissemination of information for professionals and citizens in the countries of the European, African, and American regions.

Activities of the Collaborating Centre

The foreseen activities include organization of the workshops, seminars and courses, both face-to-face and in distance (in research, control and treatment of tobacco dependencies, methodology for evaluation of interventions, programs and policies …), groups for international work coordination (with regard to good practices, tobacco-free health centres…) and control of the preparation, translation and dissemination of guides, reports and materials for tobacco control with special emphasis on the use of social media.


  • WHO CC TOBACCO CONTROL SEMINARS. These seminars introduce discussions of novel topics and current research on tobacco control led by national and international experts in a friendly and academic atmosphere. The seminars are open to the professionals and students in the broad field of the tobacco control. We invite experts who are available, because of visiting us or in other centers . On the Seminars webpage  you will find the recordings, presentations and other information about the Seminars already held.