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Institut Català d’Oncologia / Institut d’Investigació Biomèdica de Bellvitge

We are glad to announce the next Tobacco Control Webinar, organized by the Tobacco Control Unit/ WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco Control.

These Webinars are aimed at introducing challenging topics and ongoing research on tobacco control by national and international experts in a friendly environment. They are open to professionals and students in the wide field of tobacco control. Registration is free.

If you are planning to attend, please fill out the very short registration form at this LINK

  • Date: 5thof September (16:00 Barcelona time)
  • Title: Flavors in Tobacco & Nicotine Products
  • Speaker: Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin
  • Location: WebEx link will be provided to registered people
  • Language: English
  • Free registration: please register before the 1st of September (link)  

Summary of the Seminar

This seminar aims to unravel the role of flavoring agents in enhancing the appeal of inhalable tobacco and nicotine products. Flavors are present in almost all tobacco/nicotine products and play a crucial role in their appeal and use behaviors but are poorly regulated. Dr. Krishnan-Sarin will discuss the sensory processes underlying the perception of flavoring agents, known pharmacological targets for flavor chemicals, and evidence of the potential toxicity of flavoring agents. She will also highlight the implications of the state of the science of flavoring agents for future research and regulation.  

About the speaker

Dr. Suchitra Krishnan-Sarin is the Albert E. Kent Professor of Psychiatry and Epidemiology, and a Chair of the IRB at Yale University. Her research concentrates on comprehending the biology and behaviors underlying addictions among adults and adolescents. She aims to create effective prevention and cessation strategies. Her focus includes studying adolescent tobacco use patterns, designing cessation approaches, and predicting use behaviors. She has contributed to various US Surgeon General and WHO reports, advised the US FDA, and serves on the CDC’s Smoking and Health Commission. She leads a tobacco center funded by the US NIH and FDA that is focused on developed scientific evidence to support tobacco regulation and spearheads an American Heart Association initiative for youth e-cigarette interventions. Additionally, she explores pharmacological solutions for adult alcohol use disorders and examines alcohol-related neurochemical factors.

Slides and video recordings of past Seminars and Webinars at the Tobacco Control Unit Website:

This Seminar and other research activities of the Tobacco Control Unit are partially supported by the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, Government of Catalonia (Grant 2021SGR00906) and the CIBER of Respiratory Diseases.

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