Ayaka Teshima has joined UCT as a predoctoral researcher (ICO-IDIBELL). Originally from Japan, Ayaka holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Japan and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Imperial College London. Her doctoral research focuses on studying trends in tobacco product consumption and tobacco control policies in Europe.

The research is supervised by Dr. Cristina Martínez and Dr. Esteve Fernández and is being conducted in the doctoral program in Medicine and Translational Research at the University of Barcelona.

Ayaka has received funding from the Rotary Foundation and will spend the next three years at UCT conducting her doctoral research, which will be complemented with some stays abroad.

The aim of her doctoral thesis is to generate evidence that improves the monitoring of tobacco consumption for a better understanding of the tobacco epidemic. Ayaka believes that working with a wide range of disciplines at ICO-IDIBELL will provide her with a unique approach and research experience that will allow her to study and implement comprehensive measures for tobacco control.

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