ECToH 2023

The Tobacco Control Unit actively participated in the 9th European Tobacco or Health Conference (ECToH), held in Madrid from April 26 to 28. With the theme “To achieve in 2040 a Tobacco Free Generation”, this forum, organized every three years under the auspices of the Association of European Cancer Leagues, brings together the most outstanding experts in the research and fight against smoking in Europe This year, the Conference was co-organized by the Spanish Association against Cancer (AECC) and developed together with the Spanish Committee for Smoking Prevention (CNPT).

The conference was attended by young people from several European countries, who offered recommendations to end the smoking epidemic. This epidemic, which started in the 20th century, remains the main health problem in the 21st century. Attendees called for policies to limit the advertising of new electronic devices and other forms of nicotine consumption on social media, inform about the risks of new tobacco products, increase their prices, and reduce the spaces where they are consumed.

The Tobacco Control Unit had a very active participation in the conference, with numerous activities and works presented by its members. Among them, a pre-congress Symposium of the Joint Action on Tobacco Control 2 project, coordinated by Dolors Carnicer, Anna Mar López and Esteve Fernández, on the best practices to achieve tobacco-free environments. In addition, the UCT oversaw a session on smoke-free spaces, coordinated by Esteve Fernández and Marcela Fu, which addressed the evolution of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and its impact on health, together with key aspects to determine exposure to this carcinogen.

The rich participation of the UCT in the congress was evidenced in the presentation of three invited speeches by Montse Ballbè, Cristina Martínez and Armando Peruga, in addition to oral communications by Armando Peruga and Ariadna Feliu and the presentation of posters by several members of the Unit, among them Clara Mercader, Mercè Magalef, Yolanda Castellà, Marcela Fu, Olena Tigova, Laura Anton, Ayaka Teshima, Judith Saura, Armando Peruga, Karina Mocaru (visiting researcher) and Ariadna Feliu (currently at the IARC ). Apart from the presentations, the ECTOH has allowed interaction with other people and groups relevant to smoking control with whom the Unit maintains collaborations in research projects and international networks.

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