Tobacco cessation among smokers under alcohol and/or cannabis treatment


Around 80% of people with a substance abuse disorder for alcohol and/or cannabis are smokers. The process of abandonment of these principal substances constitutes an opportunity for quitting smoking. However, little is known about if these smokers are offered cessation treatment at Drug Abuse Care Centres (DACC) and which are their experiences, barriers, and facilitators to quitting tobacco consumption.


To identify the predictors associated with smoking cessation in smokers under treatment for alcohol and/or cannabis treated in DACC in Catalonia.


Sequential mixed methods design (qualitative–quantitative–qualitative) structured in three sub-studies.

  • Study I discussion groups of clinical professionals of DACC to explore the barriers and facilitators of these smokers in quitting and the interventions carried out in these settings
  • Study II prospective cohort of smokers in alcohol and/or cannabis treatment that will be followed-up for 12 months to evaluate their tobacco consumption abstinence, quit attempts, motivation, and self-efficacy
  • Study III discussion groups with smokers under alcohol and/or cannabis treatment selected according to their typology.

The understanding and description of this phenomenon will improve the content of the components that future programs of tobacco cessation intervention have to include. Thereby, it will be possible to design better evidence-based programs that take into account the characteristics of the users and clinical implied in the process.


3 years (January 2019 – January 2022)


Instituto Carlos III FIS PI18/ 01420 of 75.020,00 €

Principal Investigator and Coordinating Centre

Dr Cristina Martinez, Institut Català d’Oncologia

Research team

  • Cristina Martínez, Institut Català d’Oncologia (IP)
  • Esteve Fernández, Institut Català d’Oncologia
  • Ariadna Feliu, Institut Català d’Oncologia
  • Yolanda Castellano, Institut Català d’Oncologia
  • Marta Enriquez, Institut Català d’Oncologia
  • Marga Pla, Universitat de Barcelona
  • Pablo Barrio, Hospital Clínic
  • Sílvia Mondon, Hospital Clínic
  • Magalí Andreu, Hospital Clínic
  • Cristina Pinet, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
  • Xavier Roca, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau
  • Josep Maria Suelves, Agencia de Salut Pública de Catalunya
  • Carmen Cabezas, Agencia de Salut Pública de Catalunya
  • Antònia Raich, Fundació Althaia
  • Jordi Bernabeu, Fundació Althaia
  • Joseph Guydish, University California San Francisco