Study on tobacco consumption among nursing students in Catalonia

The nurses can play a significant role in reducing tobacco related morbidity and mortality providing expert advice to quit smoking throughout their clinical practice. Given the importance of education in tobacco control, the curriculum of the Graduate Nursing Schools should incorporate the content about interventions to facilitate smoking cessation. A few previous studies have evaluated tobacco consumption and knowledge in the field of tobacco control among nursing students, however these studies were carried out only at universities.

Main objective
The objective of this study is to analyse the prevalence of smoking among the students of the Graduate Nursing Schools and explore the determinants, consumption pattern and intentions to quit smoking. In addition, we aim to investigate acquired knowledge of the nursing students in the area of tobacco cessation.

A multicentre cross-sectional study applying prevalence survey. Self-administered anonymous questionnaires will be distributed among the nursing students taking the core subjects of the degree. The study population are the nursing students from the four years of the nursing degree programme in 17 Graduate Nursing Schools of Catalonia. Self-reported questionnaire will collect the socio-demographic data and information about smoking. Smokers will be asked about tobacco consumption and intention to quit. All students will be asked whether they have received tobacco control training and what knowledge they have in the field. In addition, their attitude regarding current regulation of smoking at hospitals and universities will be explored as well as their perception of nurses´ exemplar role.

September 2014- November 2016.

Financial Support
The study is financed by the Council of Nursing Colleges of Catalonia (11.844,72 €).

Research Team

  • Cristina Martínez  (PI, ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Marcela Fu (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Antoni Baena (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Mercè Margalef (ICO)
  • Isabel Nerin (University of Zaragoza)
  • Guadalupe Ortega (Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya)
  • Albert Bueno (Tobacco control Representative of the Official Nursing School of Girona)
  • Antonio López (Tobacco control Representative of the Official Nursing School of Tarragona)
  • Miquel Jové (Tobacco control Representative of the Official Nursing School of Lleida)
  • Julia Mena (Tobacco control Representative of the Official Nursing School of Barcelona)
  • Cristina Monforte (International University of Catalonia)


Main results

Global Report (in catalan)


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