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Mercè holds a Degree in Hispanic Studies from the University of Barcelona (UB) and a Master Degree in Executive Secretariat. She works as an administrator at ICO since 1995, first, at the Cancer Prevention Program, the Knowledge Management Department and the Department of Strategy and Projects. Since 2014, she works as a project manager at the Tobacco Control Unit being responsible for projects "Smoke-Free ICO" and the Catalan Smoke-Free Hospitals Network as well as supporting the organization of the international activities of the UCT as a WHO Collaborating Centre.



She has participated in several projects in prevention and control of cancer targeting the general population, editing and publishing information materials for patients and publications in university press; she has conducted research on professionalization of the administrative tasks in health sector. As a member of the international organization EUMA (European Management Assistant Association, 2006-2010) she has participated in the project EURO-AST (secretariat technical qualification). Since 2006, she is a member of the National Board of AESMAS (Spanish Association of Medical Secretariat and Health Administrators), an organization that participated in design of the degree of Técnico Superior de Documentación y Administración Sanitaria. She was a member of the scientific committees at the conferences and seminars annually organized by AESMAS. In addition, she collaborates with the local board of the AECC Catalonia against Cancer of El Prat de Llobregat organizing informative events and solidarity activities in the fight against cancer.