E_THIF: Multicentre study evaluating tobacco consumption and implementation of the interventions to quit smoking in the hospitals.

To analyse the prevalence of tobacco consumption among patients admitted to the Catalan hospitals and describe the determinants and tobacco consumption pattern of smokers. In addition, to detail the level of implementation of the interventions to quit smoking in the hospitals according to the WHO suggested 5A´s approach.

Multicentre cross-sectional prevalence study.

Study scope
Public hospitals that are members of the Catalan Network of Smoke Free Hospitals.

Study subjects
Representative sample of the adults (≥ 18 year) admitted to the public Catalan hospitals in 2014. Sampling accounted for expected prevalence of 35% and a confidence interval at the level α = 0,05 and error = +/-3% (0,03) (n=1888).

Variables and Data collection
Individual structured interview through interviewer-administered questionnaire about socio-demographic information, tobacco consumption profile before hospital admission (never smoker, ex-smoker, occasional o daily smoker) and during the admission (active smoker, abstainer). All smokers were asked about their tobacco smoking pattern (number of cigarettes smoked per day, Fagerstrom test, etc.) in addition, the level of exhaled carbon monoxide was measured to validate the abstinence.

Data analysis
The prevalence of tobacco consumption will be calculated overall and its distribution by independent variables. The association between these variables and smoking will be calculated by means of multivariate logistic regression analysis. In addition, the frequency of interventions to quit smoking will be estimated by hospital type, it will be also studied how the patients´ abstinence during the hospitalization is related to the centres applying multilevel analysis.

January 2013- January 2016.

Financial Support
Research Grant of the Official Nursing Association of Barcelona (6,050 Euros)

Research Team

  • Cristina Martínez (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Esteve Fernández (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Anna Ricobene (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Montse Puig (ICO-IDIBELL)
  • Paz Fernández
  • Sandra Cabrera
  • Javier Montes
  • Cecilia Brando
  • Jordi Galimany
  • Pilar Fuster
  • Joan Estrada
  • Carmen Moreno
  • Ana Falcó
  • Rosa Sunyer
  • Anna Capasda


Main results obtained (data analysis phase)

Pòster: VI Jornada de la Societat Catalana Atencio i Tractament del consum de Tabac