On March 20th, the Tobacco Control Unit (UCT) and the Institute of Social Marketing at the University of Stirling co-organized a Workshop titled “Smoke-Free Homes: How Can We Protect the Greatest Number of Non-Smokers Exposed to Second-Hand Tobacco Smoke?”. The Workshop served as a pre-conference event for the SRNT 2024 Annual Meeting. 

During the event, researchers from various parts of the world discussed the current challenges in protecting populations from second-hand tobacco smoke exposure in private homes. They also briefly presented experiences related to promoting smoke-free homes in different countries. 

The Workshop concluded with the launch of the Smoke-free Homes International Network (SHINE), which aims to advocate for the inclusion of smoke-free home targets in the guidelines for implementing Article 8 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control during the WHO Conference of the Parties. 

Following the Workshop, participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, share concerns, and discuss pressing issues in the field. To stay updated on future Network activities, please join us here: https://shine.ac.uk/sign-up/

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