Throughout her professional career she has worked as a research assistant at the USF and also as a neurological physiotherapist at the Cerebral Palsy Association (ASPACE). Her main research interests are, among others, social determinants of health, behavioural changes, implementation sciences and global health. 

She worked in public health prevention services in the UK as a Health Coach, helping people make healthy lifestyle changes such as healthy eating and weight management, type-2 diabetes management, mental health support, physical activity, alcohol reduction and smoking cessation, the field she specialised in. In 2022, she joined the Tobacco Control Unit at ICO […]

She holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Barcelona (UB, 2009), a Master in International Health and Cooperation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB, 2014) and a Master in Health Education from the University of Lleida (UdL, 2014). In 2020 she joined the team at the Tobacco Control Unit. She is also […]

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB, 1999). In 2000, she collaborated on research conducted in the Department of Psychology at the Royal Holloway (University of London). She obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in 2004 and a […]

In 2000 she worked in the Department of Health Psychology at the Royal Holloway University of London in the Diabetes Research Group, collaborating on various scientific projects and translating questionnaires. For five years of her professional career she has performed psychological therapy on adults with mental disorders from a cognitive-behavioral perspective, providing support in smoking […]

Olena is a predoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona. She holds a Master’s in Public Health (University of Stockholm, Sweden) and a Master’s in Management of Organisations in healthcare sector (Kiev-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine). Since 2016, Olena works at the Tobacco Control Unit, initially as a scientific project manager of the international collaborative research projects […]